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Specializing in dry eye care since 1975! We have successfully treated thousands of dry eye patients, including many who were previously told that nothing more could be done.


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In Rockville, managing dry eye can be challenging. Seasonal allergies, screen time, and environmental factors can cause significant discomfort. With our expert dry eye treatment options for Rockville, there is no need to suffer in silence.

Our highly trained team specializes in diagnosing and treating various dry eye conditions. Entrust your eye care to the Dry Eye Center of Maryland and ensure your eyes stay comfortable and hydrated all year round!

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At the Dry Eye Center of Maryland, we understand that your eye health is not just a necessity; it’s essential for your daily comfort and overall well-being. Your eyes are your window to the world, engaging in experiences and cherishing moments. The Dry Eye Center of Maryland is your premier choice for dry eye treatment services for Rockville!

With our dedicated team of professionals and a commitment to excellence, we take pride in making eye care hassle-free, so you can focus on enjoying clarity and comfort. Join us on a journey towards alleviating dry eye symptoms and ensuring a clear, comfortable vision for your future. Discover how our top-notch treatments can significantly enhance your quality of life.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Your Reliable Rockville Dry Eye Specialists

Using the Dry Eye Center of Maryland serving Rockville offers a host of invaluable benefits for patients. Firstly, our dedicated team of professionals brings extensive experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that your eyes receive top-notch care. Contact our pros by email to schedule your dry eye evaluation. We can also assist with advanced treatment options and personalized care plans.

Beyond expertise, our services save you from the constant discomfort of dry eyes. Dry eye management can be a demanding task, involving regular check-ups, appropriate lubrication treatments, and lifestyle adjustments. By entrusting your eye care to us, you reclaim comfort while still ensuring optimal eye health.

Most importantly, using the Dry Eye Center of Maryland ensures the health and comfort of your eyes. We monitor and treat any underlying issues, preventing complications like corneal damage and vision impairment, thus guaranteeing a clear and comfortable living experience.

Why Residents of Rockville Choose Our Dry Eye Treatments

Residents of Rockville choose Dry Eye Center of Maryland for our exceptional dedication to quality and patient care. Our skilled team provides comprehensive, reliable dry eye treatments, ensuring your eyes receive the best care possible. We understand the unique needs of Rockville residents and customize our treatments accordingly.

From advanced diagnostic testing to personalized treatment plans, we handle every aspect of dry eye care with precision and attention to detail. Choosing Dry Eye Center of Maryland means enjoying optimal eye health without the hassle. Our professional and compassionate service makes us the preferred choice for individuals in Rockville. Contact us today to experience the best in dry eye treatment services.

Best Eye Doctors for dry eyes

Based on 25 reviews
Michelle Nolan
Michelle Nolan
My mother was going to a different eye doctor for 2 years and never improving. Plus, we would wait up to 3 hours to see the doctor. When I finally brought her here, what a difference. We do not have to wait for our appointment, the most we have waited is 5 minutes. My mother's dry eyes are so much better. The staff are wonderful and helpful. Dr. Azman takes the time to answer any questions that we have. I also see Dr. Azman for my dry eyes. I have recommended him to several of my relatives and friends. They are worth the hour drive for my mother and I.
Monica Giffhorn
Monica Giffhorn
Great eye doctor in dealing with persistent dry eye. He was the first doctor to take the time to try to get to the root of the problem and make a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Patty Bornemann
Patty Bornemann
I’ve been suffering from dry eye disease for over 10 years. Retasis eyedrop’s were no longer working, and I was putting eyedrops, in, all day long. I found Dr Azman, who gave me a wonderful assessment, with all of the different assessment tools that they use. I was put on IPL treatments, with good results. My eyes do not feel like they did before this, much much better, not using eye drops, even close to the amount per day, that I was before . Dr Azman is very kind, explains everything, highly knowledgeable, gentle. His staff is very nice, attentive, and competent. I will eventually pick up my treatments in another 6 to 12 months It feels wonderful to know that I have ongoing help with my eye disease, And then it works!!
Nydia Yates
Nydia Yates
Dr. Benjamin Azman equals real hope and enormous improvement for a sufferer, like me with an extreme case of chronic blepharitis /(MGD anterior posterior). His vast knowledge of the lastest medicine, procedures, and maintenance hygiene has truly been life changing for me. He takes a thorough history and exam that is customized to your particular situation for the best results and the health of your eye and skin. He is meticulous with the Blephex procedure and takes time to make sure that it is done completely and accurately to achieve 100% accuracy. He welcomes your questions, is patient , responds quickly to requests or concerns, and listens with compassion ... His recommendations brought great visible progress with each step of the journey. He makes referrals to complete your eye care needs and maintenance long term. Your eyes will greatly improve, no matter what you were previously told elsewhere. I truly wish I had gotten to his practice sooner!!
Alissa Hopper
Alissa Hopper
Dr. Azman is one of the best dry eye doctors around. He is extremely skilled and compassionate for what can be a very challenging condition. He knows the research well and explains clearly why he recommends different interventions.
I have been nothing but impressed with this practice since the first day I walked through the door. From the staff at the front desk, who are pleasant and efficient, to the medical assistants that demonstrate professionalism and interest in the patient's well-being. Then there is Dr. Azman. He's knowledgeable, personable, and dedicated to finding solutions for what ails his patients. Keep up the excellent work!
Cliff McCann
Cliff McCann
Dr Azman and his team are patient, kind and detail oriented. It is comforting to know that the Dr and his team care about their patients and their well being.
Kelly Kimbler
Kelly Kimbler
I've always had sensitive eyes, but that sensitivity went to a whole new level this past spring when I started getting large styes that would not go away. At that point, my eyes were so sensitive, I stopped being able to tolerate any eye makeup no matter what brand, type or ingredients because it would make my styes worse. I also had a droopy left eyelid that began to negatively affect my vision so much that I couldn't complete a routine eye exam in early June, which is when I received my diagnosis of ocular rosacea. The treating optometrist at the time prescribed me medication that didn't work well for long, and told me that intense pulsed light (IPL) might be an option for me, although he didn't offer that treatment at his office nor could my provider offer me any option for that type of treatment for months. After that, I researched my condition and decided my best option was to find a dry eye specialist who offered IPL treatments for people like me, and who could schedule me for a treatment evaluation quickly. That's when I found Dr. Azman and Azman Eye Care Specialists. Best move I ever made for my eyes! Dr. Azman himself offered the greatly appreciated personal approach of speaking with me directly before scheduling my evaluation very quickly, which is something no eye care office I had called seemed able to do. My evaluation was comprehensive, and my recommended treatment of four IPL sessions started within the two weeks that followed it. These four sessions have made a world of difference for my eyes (my before treatment, mid treatment, and after treatment pictures SHOW it); my styes went away, my eye inflammation went WAY down, the skin around my eyes looks and feels healthier, and Dr. Azman's treatments very likely saved my eye's tear and oil glands from severe and permanent damage. I am happily now a loyal patient of Azman Eye Care Specialists.
Lori Speer
Lori Speer
Dr. Azman is simply incredible. He is extremely knowledgeable and so caring and patient. He truly listens and goes over and above to provide the best care possible. He is everything a Dr. should be. The staff is so friendly and helpful as well. I love this practice! Dr. Azman is the best Dr. ever! I highly highly recommend him if you want the highest quality care!
Keith Jones
Keith Jones
My eyes were in very bad shape when I first seen Dr. Azman, primarily my eye lids. Eyes always got styes in them over the years and had to deal with red and inflamed eyes and eyelids. Since seeing Dr. Azman I’ve had know issues. I’m going on a year now without the problems I was dealing with before. My eyes and eyelids feel so much better. Vision is better and it’s so much easier to focus now that my eyes are cleared up. Thank you Dr. Azman you’re the man

Comprehensive Care for Dry Eyes

Your Choice for Dry Eye Treatment for Rockville

At the Dry Eye Center of Maryland, we offer premier dry eye treatment for Rockville for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, we recognize the unique needs of our local patients, ensuring that your eyes receive the best possible care tailored to Rockville’s specific environment. Our team is committed to providing excellent service, with a focus on thorough diagnostics and precise treatment plans. We prioritize your comfort and eye health, ensuring that you receive the most effective and efficient care.

Moreover, our dedication to ongoing maintenance and follow-up can lead to better long-term eye health. By choosing our dry eye treatment services, you’re selecting a trusted partner devoted to keeping your eyes healthy while providing peace of mind and improved quality of life in Rockville.

Benefits of Dry Eye Treatment For Rockville

Choosing the Dry Eye Center of Maryland for your dry eye treatment offers numerous benefits that enhance your eye health and ensure your eyes remain comfortable and functional!

Our Edge in Rockville

First and foremost, we are locals! We understand the unique environmental challenges your eyes face in Rockville. Being aware of the local conditions is crucial to providing proper dry eye treatment. This local expertise is where we shine!

Comprehensive Dry Eye Treatment

Our experts at the Dry Eye Center of Maryland are skilled in diagnosing and treating dry eye conditions. We utilize advanced equipment and the latest techniques to ensure your eyes are well-lubricated and comfortable, restoring their optimal function and health.

Enhancing Eye Comfort and Functionality

Maintaining your eyes’ comfort and functionality is crucial for your overall well-being. Our professionals are trained to identify, treat, and manage your dry eye symptoms, ensuring your eyes remain healthy and you remain comfortable. Our service stands out, and you won’t be disappointed.

Time-Saving Dry Eye Treatment

Managing dry eyes can be time-consuming, involving routine check-ups, monitoring, and applying prescribed eye treatments. By visiting our clinic, you save valuable time and ensure your eyes receive the best care, allowing you to spend your time on other pursuits.

Preventive Dry Eye Maintenance Services

Regular check-ups and treatments help detect and address issues early, preventing more serious complications down the line. This proactive approach saves you money and discomfort in the long run.

Experienced Dry Eye Specialists

The Dry Eye Center of Maryland’s specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in managing dry eye conditions. They understand the unique challenges posed by Rockville’s environment and provide tailored solutions to keep your eyes in top condition.

Extending Eye Health with Routine Care

Proper maintenance is key to extending the health and functionality of your eyes and their components. By utilizing our services, you can protect your investment in your vision and avoid premature deterioration.

Eye Health and Safety

Well-maintained eyes are essential for your overall health and safety. Regular treatment helps prevent complications such as eye infections and vision impairment. We provide top-notch eye care; contact us today!

Improved Quality of Life

Our specialists can optimize your treatment for better eye comfort, leading to enhanced quality of life and productivity while reducing discomfort and potential complications.

Stress-Free Eye Care

Knowing that your eyes are in the hands of professionals provides peace of mind. You can relax and enjoy clear, comfortable vision without worrying about your eye condition. Our eye care services are unmatched. Call or email us to get started with worry-free dry eye management.

Customized Dry Eye Treatment

The Dry Eye Center of Maryland offers treatments tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require regular check-ups, seasonal treatments, or specialized interventions, we create a plan that suits you. Your eyes deserve the best, and we provide it without any compromise.

Suffering from Dry Eyes?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dry Eye Treatment in Rockville

At The Dry Eye Center of Maryland, we understand that seeking treatment for dry eye can bring up many questions. As a leading eye doctor in Maryland, Dr. Benjamin Azman is committed to not only providing exceptional care but also ensuring that our patients are well-informed about their condition and treatment options. Below, we address some of the most common questions we receive.

Our comprehensive dry eye treatment at Dry Eye Center of Maryland includes thorough diagnostic testing, evaluation of tear production and quality, and personalized treatment plans. We also provide ongoing management and follow-up care to ensure long-term relief and eye health.

The frequency of visits depends on the severity of your dry eye condition. For many patients, initial frequent visits followed by regular follow-up appointments every 3-6 months are recommended. Consistent evaluation and management are key to maintaining eye health and preventing symptoms from worsening.

Common signs include persistent dryness, irritation, redness, a gritty sensation, and blurry vision. If over-the-counter solutions are not providing relief, or if your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, it’s time to schedule a consultation with Dry Eye Center of Maryland.

A typical dry eye treatment session takes about 45 minutes to an hour. This includes comprehensive diagnostic testing, consultation, and the initial treatment plan. Follow-up treatments may vary in length depending on the specific therapies prescribed.

Professional dry eye treatment is essential to accurately diagnose the underlying causes of dry eye and provide effective relief. Over time, untreated dry eye can lead to more serious eye conditions. Regular treatment improves comfort, vision quality, and prevents potential complications.

While over-the-counter solutions and lifestyle changes can provide temporary relief, professional evaluation and treatment are crucial for long-term management. Our team at Dry Eye Center of Maryland can create a tailored treatment plan that addresses the root causes of your dry eye condition.

It’s helpful to come prepared with a list of your symptoms, current eye care products you are using, and any relevant medical history. Refrain from wearing eye makeup on the day of your appointment to facilitate thorough examination and testing.

Yes, Dry Eye Center of Maryland offers advanced diagnostic testing to accurately assess your dry eye condition. This includes tear film analysis, gland imaging, and osmolarity testing. Accurate diagnosis allows us to create a customized and effective treatment plan.

Regular dry eye treatment ensures continuous management and relief of symptoms, preventing complications and enhancing overall eye health. It improves the quality of your daily life by reducing discomfort and enhancing visual clarity.

Scheduling a dry eye treatment appointment with Dry Eye Center of Maryland is easy. You can contact us through our website, call us, or email us to set up an appointment. We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs.

We provide dry eye treatment services throughout Rockville and surrounding areas. Contact us to find out if we service your specific location and to learn more about our comprehensive dry eye care services.

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