Don't Let Dry Eye Stop You

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Dry eye can prevent you from seeing life. You may think it’s allergies, or grit in your eyes, but if it persists and if eye drops don’t help, you may have dry eye. Call us so we can help.


Dry eye can make your eyes feel scratchy, dry, irritated, uncomfortable and red. You may have a burning sensation, excessive tearing, blurred vision or feel like there is something foreign in your eyes.


Untreated, dry eye can cause abrasion and scarring of the cornea, infection, inflammation, damage eye tissue, impair vision, and interfere with your ability to wear contact lenses.


48% of adults experience dry eye symptoms. Approximately 3.2 million women and 1.7 million men over the age of 50 suffer with dry eye. Medications, age, and prolonged computer use can increase the risk of dry eye.

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Our Dry Eye Services

Help Wearing
Contact Lenses

Many of our patients have been told they could not wear contact lenses because of dry eye – until they come to us. We have helped thousands of patients by treating and managing their dry eye and prescribing the proper contact lens design that provides all-day comfort with great vision. We are the dry eye contact lens specialists and work with each patient on a personal level for success.

Relief After

When these procedures cause dry eye, we treat it. Dr. Azman specializes in the treatment and management of post LASIK dry eyes. Dr. Azman utilizes his vast knowledge to customize a treatment program that is tailored for each individual dry eye patient. His clinical expertise, specialized knowledge and personal experience lead to the most effective treatments for post LASIK dry eye. It’s specialized, successful care.

We'll Diagnose
Dry Eye

Let’s get to the point and figure out if you have dry eye and what’s causing it. The EYEBIOMETRICS® EVALUATION determines the form of dry eye, tear film abnormalities, and identifies potential treatment strategies. Careful clinical observation, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate intervention can eliminate or minimize the deleterious effects of ocular surface disease and dry eye for quality of life and providing relief.

We'll Treat &
Manage It

Once we diagnose your dry eye, we will develop a treatment plan that is customized just for you. Regardless of what you may have been told before, you can benefit from a successful treatment plan that will relieve the pain, itching and vision problems associated with dry eye. We can return you to clear vision and easy sight. We have relieved dry eye for thousands of patients and we will do it for you.

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