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The doctors at the Dry Eye Center of Maryland have been focusing on providing superior and personal patient eye care since 1975. As dry eye specialists, we have successfully treated thousands of dry eye patients, including many who were previously told that nothing more could be done.

Sound familiar?
Dryness of the eye • Sandy or gritty feeling • Lid infections • Burning • Contact lens discomfort • Contact lens solution sensitivity • Redness
Light Sensitivity • Eye pain or soreness • Watery eyes • Constant or occasional tearing • Mucous discharge • Frequent use of lubricating eye drops • Itching • Sties • Tired Eyes

Treating Dry Eye for Over 4 Decades:
If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, you may be suffering from DRY EYE, an acute but treatable condition. We can help.

Other Related Conditions Can Include: Sinus Congestion • Nasal Congestion • Runny Nose • Post-Nasal Drip • Chronic Cough • Bronchitis • Allergies or Hay Fever • Frequent Colds • Middle Ear Congestion • Dry Throat or Mouth • Headaches • Asthma