Venus Williams Dry Eyes: My Life with Chronic Illness | Baltimore Dry Eye Treatment

Did you know July is National Dry Eye Awareness Month?

Dry Eyes is not simply a mild discomfort that many people have to deal with, but rather it’s an actual chronic disease/condition affecting millions of people around the world. You can have no symptoms, moderate symptoms, and even severe painful symptoms. Common symptoms include gritty eyes, burning, redness, tearing, fluctuation in vision, and of course a dry feeling sensation!

There are many factors that contribute to dry eyes, and it is crucial to have a thorough dry eye evaluation to determine a proper treatment plan. Dry Eyes is also associated with Sjogrens, a systemic autoimmune disease that commonly causes chronic joint and muscle pain. In the video below, Venus Williams shares her story about being diagnosed with Sjogrens and Dry eyes and she wants people to know that if you are suffering from chronic pain/dry eyes, there are good treatments out there that can help.

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